experience the old and
the new combined

The Monumental Creations
of Wadi Rum

Revel at the magnificence of the night sky and meditate under clouds of stars. Enjoy the true Bedouin cuisine in the midst of truly magical scenery. Experience the land of wonders where modernity, tradition, heritage and culture are all intertwined, creating a diverse, breathtaking journey that’s guaranteed to become a memory you won’t forget.

Shaumari Nature Reserve

Shaumari Nature Reserve was created in 1975 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature as breeding center for endangered or locally extinct wildlife.

The Dead Sea

The Dead sea lies some 400 meters below sea level at the lowest point on earth's surface, and is part of the Syrian-East Africa Riff Valley, flanked by this Judean Mountains to the west and the Moab mountains to the east. The dead sea is the lowest point on earth and the largest "Natural Spa" in the world. its mineral-rich waters and mud flow with natural health and beauty benefits acclaimed globally.

The Dessert Castles

As is the wonders of nature are not enough, Jordan’s deserts are dotted with ancient castles, farming estates, forts, hunting lodges and caravanserai. Wildly varied in function, architectural style and creative embellishment, most were the domain of Umayyad caliphs and princes in the first half of the 8th century.

Umm Qais (Gadara)

The site of the famous miracle of the Gadarene swine, Gaddara was renowned in its time as a cultural center. Perched on splendid hilltop overlooking the Jordan Valley and the sea of Galilee, Umm Qais boasts an impressive colonnaded terrace and the ruins of two theatres.

Wadi Rum

Vast, echoing and God-like – these are the words T.E. Lawrence used in describing Wadi Rum. It is the largest and most magnificent of Jordan’s desert landscapes, but by no means the only one. there are many ways to experience Wadi Rum’s fragile, unspoiled desert treats. Serious trekkers will be drawn to Wadi Rum, with challenging climbs some up to height of 1750 meters, while casual hikers can also enjoy and easy course through the colorful sandstone hills and canyons. Bedouin tribes still live among the mountains of Rum and their large goat-hair tents are a special feature of the landscape.

There are many ways to enjoy the attractions of Wadi Rum including the 4*4 Bedouin jeeps, camels and the specialized hiking tours, and your stay overnight can be in an existing camp or Discovery private camps.

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