experience the old and
the new combined

The Monumental Creations
of Wadi Rum

Revel at the magnificence of the night sky and meditate under clouds of stars. Enjoy the true Bedouin cuisine in the midst of truly magical scenery. Experience the land of wonders where modernity, tradition, heritage and culture are all intertwined, creating a diverse, breathtaking journey that’s guaranteed to become a memory you won’t forget.

Ajloun Forest Reserve

Ajloun was developed to highlight the importance of forest protection, since forests do not exceed 1% of Jordan’s entire land area.


Amman in history is known as Rabbath-Amman and in Greeco-Roman times as Philadelphia. Amman consists of an old and more traditional part called "City Center" or "Down Town" and a modern vibrant western style "West Amman".


Aqaba on the Red Sea, an ancient place in time and a modern special Economic Zone – is just another jewel waiting to be explored. Strategically situated at the crossroads of four countries and three continents, Aqaba is served by both a deep water seaport and an international airport. A separate passenger terminal’s available six km south of the city, serving mainly cruise ships and passenger ferries.

The Northern coastline is gradually developing into a tourism cornice and plans are underway to redevelop the main port into major waterfront tourist and entertainment site.

Azraq Wetland Reserve

The unique wetland oasis located in the heart of the semi – aired Jordanian eastern dessert, one of the several beautiful nature reserves managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.

Crusader Castles

Karak, an ancient Crusader stronghold, sits 900 meters above sea level and lies inside the walls of the old city. Shobak, a lonely reminder of former Crusader glory once called “Mont Real”, Shobak dates from the same turbulent period as Karak.

Dana Nature Reserve

The diverse landscape of the strikingly beautiful Dana Nature Reserve is the home to more than 500 types of plants and 300 species of bird and other animals.


The ancient city of Jerash is remarkable for its long chain of human occupation. Here at a well-watered site in the hills of Gilead, remains from Neolithic times have been found, as well as Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad and others. Today its acknowledged as one of the best – preserved province cities of the Roman Empire.

Mujib Nature Reserve

The lowest Nature reserve in the world, with its spectacular array of scenery near the east coast of the Dead Sea.

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